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ROM-A-LIGN converts your dial indicator reading directly into horizontal and vertical adjustment Increments in thousandths of an Inch. Used in conjunction with ALOMA pre-cut shims, the once tedious and time-consuming job of alignment has now been refined to absolute simplicity. The LCD readout on the face of ROM-A-LIGN will prompt you through the alignment. Thus, very little training time is required. When you enter the requested data into the ROM-A-LIGN it performs calculations and displays, or prints, in seconds the shims required under each foot of the machinery and the lateral left or right movement necessary to bring the equipment into accurate alignment. It is a simple task to select the correct, accurately marked, ALOMA precut shims to complete the alignment process. ROM-A-LIGN's ease of operation combined with reasonable capital outlay makes it the best value in alignment equipment today.
  • Diagnostic Style Case
    The handle folds to make a stand.
  • Membrane Keypad/Faceplate
    For dust control, cleaning and easier output. With large 2 x 24 character large LCD display for more prompts
  • Standby
    Turns keypad off to protect against accidental entry, will save data for recap and/or continue an alignment after a break.
  • Dot Matrix Impact Printer
    Durability, bit image graphics, faster printing, capable of using 2-ply carbonless paper. Comes with On/Off option to display machinery moves while printer is off. Prints a recap of the day's alignments.
  • Date
    Ability to enter the date of alignment
  • Aligned
    By Operator's name can be recorded for identification
  • Equipment Number
    The I.D. number of description of the equipment being aligned can be recorded.
  • Ownership Identification
    Owner's company name can be permanently programmed and printed every time ROM-A-LIGN is turned on.
For fast, easy attachment of your dial indicators:
  • Unique clamp design.
  • Unlimited shaft diameter.
  • Unique versatile design.
  • Available separately.
Rom-12-Horiz-Post Aloma 12" Horizontal Post R108 $17.19 $16.50
Rom-18-Horiz-Post Aloma 18" Horizontal Post R109 $22.93 $22.01
Rom-4-Vert-Post-Ext Aloma 4" Vertical Post R106 $36.86 $35.39
Rom-C Clamp w/Post Aloma C Clamp With Post R105 $27.87 $26.76
Rom-R-100 Clamp Aloma Clamp Indicator R-100 $232.45 $131.52
Rom-Deluxe Case N/C Aloma Deluxe Case w/o Computer $1,746.47 $1,676.61
Rom-Dial Indicator Aloma Dial Indicator R101 $128.03 $122.91
Rom-Reg Case W/O Com Aloma R-116 Reg Case W/O Comp $835.15 $801.74
Rom-Nicad Battery Aloma Rom-A-Lign Battery Pack $132.00 $125.00
Rom-Repair Aloma Rom-A-Lign Repair $75.00 $72.00
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