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Aloma Shim and Manufacturing (an ISO 9001:2015 registered company) provides you with a partner that is a proven leader in the laser cutting industry. No job is too large or too small. Prototypes, short-runs, long-runs, and contract manufacturing are all welcome. Our six fully automated high speed Fiber and CO2 laser cutting centers give us exceptional laser cutting capabilities for intricate shapes using many types of materials with very short set-up times. (Our laser cutting exhibits great versatility: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, exotic metals and more.) This high flexibility allows us to produce prototype and production parts in lot sizes that are cost effective for the customer. We specialize in developing components with very high accuracy and finish that would not be cost effective with conventional machine tools. Our unique laser rotary axis cutters can handle pipe & tube up to 16 inches in diameter. Just compare the costs of machining these parts to laser cutting. If our lasers aren't suited for your parts, our 11' x 40' High Def Plasma/Oxy cutting and Machining Center most likely can (processing up to 8" thick Materials.) Give us the opportunity to quote your laser cutting needs. You can send for electronic drawing files to sales@aloma.com, fax us @ 412-828-7280, or click our RFQ Button to request a quote.
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Cutting Size: 78.74" x 157.48" (2 x 4 Meter)
Positioning Accuracy: within .002"
Max thickness cut for laser cutting Stainless: 0.625"
Max thickness cut for laser cutting Aluminum: 0.250"
Max thickness for laser cutting Mild Steel: 1.125"
Tube and Formed Lengths: up to 16" (400mm) in diameter
Your part requirements may be suited more for Water Jet Cutting if the thickness is greater than those listed above. We'll be happy to provide you a quote.

Thanks to the SDI program of the American President, Ronald Reagan, in the eighties, a great deal of money was invested in the development of laser technology, a fact from which we are still profiting. However, numerous Star War films have contributed to fact that the laser beam is still often regarded as something dangerous and mystical. It is actually a rather special type of light beam with which the power can be transported to the work piece accurately and without contact. The incoming energy then heats the material within an extremely short time, it begins to melt and partially vaporize. The material is forced out of the cutting groove with a blast of gas; this process is called laser cutting.

Laser cutting systems have experienced a real boom in the past years. While structural steel of 2-3 mm could be cut with great difficulty 15-20 years ago, and no one could imagine that it would ever be possible to cut more than 10 mm, it is possible nowadays to cut 20-25 mm structural steel with ease. Several years after entering the market with sheet metal processing, the oxide-free method of cutting chromium nickel steel came into use. This awakened the desire for even higher capacity, bringing about the rapid development of laser power from 500 Watt in those days to the approximately 6000 Watt of today.

The ever increasing quality of the laser sources meant that the process reliability could also be raised, with many Bystronic systems operating round the clock, the third shift usually with very few workers. The recent tendency toward smaller batches and the improved speed of the drives has enabled the laser cutting systems to take over an increasing share in the market from the punching machines.

The laser cutting systems still cut approximately 70% structural steel, but the share of stainless steel and aluminum is becoming larger. The invention of the so-called reflection absorbers and higher power means that non-ferrous metals such as copper, bronze, brass, titanium and so on can now also be cut . Plexiglas, rubber, wood, ceramics, graphite, Kevlar and so on can also be cut.