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One of the problems in achieving accurate alignment is determining how thick the shims are. Most of our competitor's shims are produced from gauge material with a very wide tolerance range. This means you need a micrometer to determine the actual thickness. If you do not check these inferior quality shims for thickness accuracy, you could easily double your alignment time. Worse yet, a misalignment that could cost thousands in prematurely worn parts.

It is also a very good idea to check shims for flatness. Flat and nominally marked shims have a very severe impact on alignment costs.

Along with a very tight flatness specification the material used to produce ALOMA quality shims must meet the following thickness tolerances:
Inch mm Inch mm
0.001 0.025 ±.00005 ±.00127
0.002 0.051 ±.0001 ±.00254
0.003 0.076 ±.00015 ±.00381
0.004 0.102 ±.0002 ±.00508
0.005 0.127 ±.00025 ±.00635
0.010 0.254 ±.0005 ±.0127
0.015 0.381 ±.00075 ±.01905
0.020 0.508 ±.001 ±.0254
0.025 0.635 ±.00125 ±.03175
0.030 0.762 ±.0015 ±.0381
0.050 1.270 ±.002 ±.0508
0.060 1.520 ±.002 ±.0508
0.075 1.910 ±.002 ±.0508
0.100 2.540 ±.004 ±.1016
0.125 3.180 ±.004 ±.1016
0.250 6.350 ±.005 ±.127
0.375 9.530 ±.010 ±.254
0.500 12.700 ±.010 ±.254
All of Aloma Shims greater than .050 are marked with the exact thickness to within .0005" . The chart below shows just how far away from the nominal thickness many shim suppliers can be that purchase gauge AISI tolerance material. Aloma only buys prime material rolled to our specific tolerances providing our customers with the highest quality shims in the industry.
Shim Size ALOMA Tolerance AISI Tolerance
0.050 0.0950+/-0.002 18 GA 0.048
(typical 0.046)
0.075 0.075+/-0.002 14 GA 0.072
(typical 0.071)
0.100 0.100+/-0.004 12 GA 0.105
(typical 0.117)
0.125 0.125+/-0.004 11 GA 0.119
(typical 0.117)